Shipping policy

  • Before placing an order, we always advise our customers to go through the description of the product thoroughly on the product page
  • Our best possible try is to deliver the orders placed by our customers on or before the delivery date selected by the customer subject to the lead time mentioned on the product page of our website. The minimum lead time to ship a product is always mentioned on a particular page
  • Delivery of courier products is not attempted on Sundays or public holiday or on the day the concerned logistic company is not working
  • We advise our customers to place orders for Express Shipping products and Non-express Shipping product separately. Products ordered by the customer will be shipped as per the lead time mentioned on the product page of that particular product
  • The lead time for shipping the product will be counted from the day the order will get processed. This is because, sometimes, our order processing team needs to make verification with the customer who has placed the order. There is a chance that when our customer support team calls the customer, they are not available and our team drops an email to them. Till we receive a reply from the customer or till the verification is completed, a particular time has already passed. That time will not be counted under the lead time. Only when the order gets processed, the lead time will be calculated